Procurement Consulting Services

Our consulting assistance can be provided turn key and or we can work with procurement professionals related to any of the service modules necessary to a proper bidder process. We provide consulting to implement a sequential, systematic procurement process as follows:

Assistance with Going Out to Bid – We will work with procurement and end-users in a team environment to identify key goals and objectives and the project action plan and time line.

Developing the Request for Proposal (RFP) Package -  In order to facilitate a proper response from suppliers, we assist with the development of a well defined RFP Package which includes a company description, summary of services required, accurate volume estimates, the project timeline, and both development RFP questions and weighting for scoring.

Implementing the Supplier Pre-Screen -  Rather than cast a wide net to participate in the actual bidder process, which wastes considerable time and resources, we will conduct a pre-screen of potential suppliers to identify the top companies most likely able to meet the goals and objectives of the corporation. In doing so, only those companies most suitable should be invited to participate in the procurement process.

Administering the RFP Process – Once suppliers are identified as viable, we can assist with actually going out to bid for services. This includes all communications and management of the project timeline.

Scoring Supplier Responses – As soon as supplier responses are received, we work with the team to score responses in accordance with the organization’s goals and objectives and a weighting system previously approved by the team.

Managing the Best and Final Process -  Scoring of supplier bids is the means of identifying the top three suppliers that most clearly meet the objectives of the organization. After reference checking, we will work with the team to invite those three companies to participate in Best and Final presentations. Once the top two are identified from this process, office visits would be scheduled to complete the due diligence process.

Completion of Pricing and Contract Negotiations – In order to maintain the competitive process, we will assist with pricing negotiations with the top two companies in order to refine pricing. In addition, discussions will take place concerning contract terms and conditions that may also require further refinement. At the conclusion of pricing and contract negotiations, the business would be awarded on a preliminary basis subject to successful completion of contract negotiations.

Choosing the New Supplier – Once a new supplier has been selected, a transition action plan will be developed. If the organization chooses to remain with an existing supplier, discussions would take place related to service improvements.

Managing the Transition – If a change in suppliers occurs through the procurement process, we can assist with managing the transition timeline, including management with all interfaces between companies, to make certain that the project is concluded on time and within any budget requirements that may be applicable.

Assistance with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Development and Management – we can assist procurement and end users with the development of KPI to measure supplier success. This includes establishing metrics, developing a customer evaluation survey, the reporting function, managing the contract and annual review. We can further work directly with procurement and end-users to manage KPI as a valuable on-going consulting service.

We can provide comprehensive Relocation Procurement Consulting Services to manage an entire project or we can assist with any of the modules described above.

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