Company Profile

  1. Please provide a brief history of your organization including: the number of years in business, the number of employees and the number and locations of offices.
  2. What is your corporate philosophy/mission?
  3. Please provide your most current annual report, if publicly traded; otherwise current certified financial statements (income statement, balance sheet) for your business.
  4. Is your company a part of, or affiliated with, any other company? If yes, please describe the relationship.
  5. Is your company or parent (if appropriate) currently for sale, undergoing a merger or acquisition or in some way changing ownership?
  6. How long has the current ownership been in place?
  7. What is your source of funding and what options do you offer?
  8. Has your company or an affiliate ever filed for bankruptcy? If so, please explain.
  9. How many homeowner initiations and how many renter initiations did you handle in the last two calendar years?
  10. List any clients your company has lost during the last 12 months.
  11. Please provide three current client references for which you provide fully-outsourced domestic and international services, including a brief description of your work relationship. Include client name, contact name and title, street and e-mail addresses and telephone number.
  12. List and describe three (3) competitive advantages your company has over competition.
  13. Do you own a household goods carrier(s) or a mortgage provider(s) or other relocation-related company? If yes, please explain the relationship.
  14. What is your client retention rate for the past three years?

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