Expense Management/Billing

  1. Describe your relocation accounting services, including:
    1. Paying employee relocation expenses
    2. Calculating employee tax gross-ups
    3. Transmitting expense information to the company’s payroll system
    4. Integrating the disbursement process with billing, payroll reporting, and management reporting
  2. What controls and procedures do you have in place to ensure the accuracy of expense reimbursements? Payroll data transmissions? How do you identify and correct discrepancies? How many audits are performed?
  3. What was your % accuracy in the most recent calendar year? How many W2-Cs did you have to process?
  4. Identify how technology supports your relocation accounting services.
  5. Once relocation is finalized, how soon thereafter is the final invoicing provided to the company?
  6. What was your average turnaround time for expense reimbursements in the most recent calendar year (receipt to payment)?
  7. In regard to payroll and tax issues, address how your organization deals with taxable versus non-taxable items, and how these will be tracked and reported accurately.
  8. Describe your year-end process.
  9. Describe your bill – What level of detail can be provided? What format are your bills provided? (Feed, flat file, etc.)
  10. How many currencies can you invoice and make payments in? Does this include Brazil and China?
  11. Do you offer global compensation (data accumulation) services? If so, is it supported on the same single platform? Please detail this service.

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