Group Move

  1. Please describe, in detail, the experience your company has in assisting corporations with Group Moves:
    a) Number/size/year of Group Moves
    b) Origin and destination
  2. What does your company perceive as the main differences between a traditional relocation program and a group move relocation program?
  3. What recommendations would your company make for the development of a Group Move Relocation Policy?
  4. What programs, products and/or services does your company offer that could be utilized in the Group Move program?
  5. Describe how your company would handle the expected volume associated with the group move. What is the service delivery model and do you have the capacity?
  6. What tools and resources do you use in managing group move projects?
  7. What is your strategy for supporting clients with group moves?
  8. What is your communication plan with employees, suppliers and corporate management for group moves?
  9. What policy consulting services do you offer for group moves?
  10. What strategies do you use for ensuring the most cost effective results for a group move?
  11. What metrics have you used for group moves to measure the success of the project?

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