Home Marketing/Homesale

  1. Please give a step-by-step description of how your Home Marketing Program works for a relocating employee, including:
    1. Client Authorization / Initiations
    2. The Initiation Call
    3. Conducting the Needs Assessment
    4. The Market Analysis
    5. Establishing the List Price
    6. Implementing the Home Marketing Action Plan
    7. Achieving the Sale
    8. Negotiating the Offer
    9. Transition to Final Closing
    10. The Homes That Do Not Sell
  2. To what extent are employees allowed to select the brokers from an approved list? May employees provide brokers for qualification and use who are not on an approved list?
  3. Describe how you propose to deliver Home Sale (Appraised Value/Guaranteed Offer, Amended Value, Buyer Value Option) and related departure services for homeowners.
  4. Describe your property valuation process.
  5. Describe your strategies for maximizing the employee’s success in generating an independent sale.
  6. Describe your inventory management process and any special systems to control costs.

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