Mortgage Assistance

  1. Describe your mortgage assistance program. How many lenders do you work with?
  2. Is the mortgage delivery team centrally located?
  3. What type of mortgage programs can you offer our relocating employees?
  4. What procedure do you have in place to verify an employee’s need for equity before contract (equity advance)?
  5. How do you keep corporate clients abreast of significant developments in the mortgage lending and corporate programs? How do you provide advisory services to your clients?
    1. Provide an example.
  6. What underwriting guidelines do you take into consideration specific to relocating employees? Describe any documents you would request from our employees.
  7. Provide a flow chart for loan origination, processing, underwriting, and closing processes.
  8. Describe the time frames necessary for customer loan approval. Provide a sample preapproval letter.
  9. What was the average days-to-close (application to funding) in the most recent calendar year?
  10. What are your customer satisfaction results (return rates and service ratings)?
  11. Describe the communication and contacts our transferee will have with your company throughout the origination, processing and underwriting of their loan?
  12. What can you offer to our other employees who are not relocating?
  13. What differentiates your mortgage services from your competition?

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