Reporting and Technology

  1. What is your technology platform?
  2. Please describe your online reporting capabilities.
  3. What Standard/Customized reports does your company offer? What formats are used (Excel, Access, etc.)? How often are they provided?
  4. Please attach a sample reporting package.
  5. Describe your disaster recovery/ business continuity plan and related/ back-up systems, processes and locations that support your overall plan.
  6. What controls are in place to protect data (firewalls, security monitoring, virus protection)?
  7. What are the online services that would be provided to our corporate administrators and staff supporting our programs?
  8. What are the online services that would be provided to our transferees in support of their relocation event?
  9. Describe the security features of your technology platform and how our employees and company confidential data will be protected.
  10. Is there a licensing fee associated with use of your company’s software/system required to utilize your services?
  11. Do you have the capability of providing decentralized reporting for various divisions of human resources?
  12. Can your reporting include forecasting for ongoing services and related expenses during the assignment and after the end of the assignment to final closure? Is this forecast/reporting available for both Domestic and International relocations?
  13. Do you offer any mobile applications for the transferee?

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