Staffing/Program Management

  1. Outline the proposed staffing model you will use to manage this account. Provide bios of the anticipated staff, including # years in relocation industry.
  2. What are the hours of business for consultants? If your staff available on evenings and weekends? If so, explain the methods by which your staff can be reached.
  3. What is your turnover rate for consultants?
  4. What is your maximum caseload for consultants?
  5. What is the average number of relocations a consultant in your company will handle at one time? Is there a difference for international versus domestic relocations? If yes, please describe.
  6. How are your consultants compensated? Is there any type of incentive plan in place? If yes, please describe.
  7. What type of training does your company provide to employees to ensure their continued development?
  8. How do you train consultants on specific client accounts including company policies, programs and culture?
  9. Provide a description of your service delivery structure and describe how you propose to utilize this structure to deliver service to our company.
  10. Do you have a unique process for supporting VIPs?
  11. Can your firm provide global coverage for all of our locations? Please explain any geographic limitations in your firm’s ability to provide services to us.

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