Supplier Selection/Management

  1. Which services are performed by your own company and which by your suppliers and/or partners?
  2. Describe how you select and manage your primary suppliers to ensure quality service delivery.
  3. Are we required to use your third-party suppliers?
  4. Do you collect referral fees as a matter of policy? If so, describe the procedure, amount of fee (flat fee or percent of sale price) and disposition of funds.
  5. How will you ensure that third-party suppliers are providing the most competitive price available?
  6. Describe any affiliations, exclusive arrangements, ownership interests or other relationships you or your company has with any other organization providing relocation related services (brokers, appraisers, title, inspection an mortgage companies, van lines, etc.).
  7. Describe your procedures to remove non-performing suppliers.
  8. Describe the Service Level Agreements in place with your supplier network.

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